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Prepare the altar Holy Communion before the service and clean up after the service, plus other duties assigned.
Help guests feel comfortable and secure in an unfamiliar setting. They serve God today by standing at the church doors, directing visitors, helping take up the offering, lending a hand to others as needed, and stepping in when urgent needs arise. They are joining with centuries of people who have loved God and have valued the event that takes place when God’s people gather together in worship.
Assistants play an important role in the service, assisting the pastor up front, helping to distribute Holy Communion, and leading the Prayers of the People.
Readers help the pastor deliver the weekly gospel messages, which may include reading scripture to the congregation from the pulpit / altar.
Assistants play an important role in helping to distribute Holy Communion.
Together, members discern the vision of the congregation and oversee the operations of the church. They also lead various committees, share information, support and coordinate programs, develop future leaders, and build and maintain relationships with guests and members. The council proposes the annual budget to the congregation, makes all hiring decisions, and is responsible for making decisions regarding building maintenance and renovations. Moreover, the Council continually is seeking to understand how God is working through our community and how to respond to the Spirit’s call.
Play an important role in helping to facilitate fellowship opportunities which may include bible study, small theological gatherings, local retreats, or other activities that invite members and friends of Luther Place to join in discipleship together.
Teams of members and friends of Luther Place share responsibility for the preparation and delivery of coffee and snacks that are made available before and after Sunday services in the All Saints Room.  Coffee House offers members and visitors with an opportunity for refreshments and fellowship.
A counting team is respondable for tallying Sunday worship offerings. That team must separate contributions to ensure members/friends offerings are properly recorded.
The worship team utilizes wireless handheld and head microphones for Sunday worship. Volunteers help to manage the sound board to adjust volume and/or mute. The audio is fed to the Sanctuary and streamed live on Facebook.

Sound Board Operating Directions  

Last updated: September 10, 2018