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The Vision-2014 Budget

by Nick Krafft

In 2014, we will have our first opportunity to have a congregation budget crafted with our Luther Place Vision specifically in mind. This year, we will make a significant investment into living this Vision. As noted in the 2014 Budget Proposal Narrative, this budget will require some sacrifice from our members and the use of some of our reserve funds. However, I know that it will be worth it, because I already see the Vision coming alive in so many ways. The Vision has already born fruit as experienced in Monastery of the Heart Tuesday gatherings, ArtSmart Summer Camp, SoulFiesta events, Steinbruck Center Partnership with Habitat for Humanity, growing Sunday School classes, and more. In the next year, I believe that we will witness amazing things in each of our ministry areas. The 2014 Proposed Budget will help us live into the ministry areas in the following ways:

Hospitality- The Parent Coordinator role is about opening our doors to a community right in our neighborhood; this is about “being open to what arrives.” The addition of a Sunday Sexton will make us better able to sustain the Ministry of Presence, through which we have already welcome so many in our community.

Spiritual Growth- Investing in our Sunday School through the Director of Family Ministries will form the basis for much of our congregational growth.

Worship– The increased salary for a ¾-time Music Director will allow us to hire someone who fits all of our needs- for the variety of Sunday Worship Services, Night Prayer Services, and more.

Justice- The Parent Coordinator role will help us better identify proximate opportunities for change. The Lutheran Volunteer Corps position in the Steinbruck Center will provide us with stronger administrative  support to sustain and improve our justice work.

Community Care– The Director of Families Ministry will help care for and support families, and the Sexton will help take care of our community during coffee hour.

As we grow into our Vision, we are seeking to find smart places to invest resources now that will pay off as the Vision comes to fruition by 2017.  We hope that all members will challenge themselves to invest in this Vision with time, talent, and treasure. The great work of each of these ministry areas is not sustained by money alone, but by the exceptional leadership that each of our members provide.

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