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Star Dreams

by Pastor Karen Brau

We celebrated the Epiphany and Three Kings last Sunday, 1/6/19.   In that story in the gospel of Matthew, 3 Wise Ones, who were like the scientists of their day,  follow a star from their land to Jerusalem hoping to meet a child who will be a leader bringing peace to the world.  King Herod who rules on behalf of the Roman Empire,  hears about his quest and is very angry with the possibility of a competitor for his public power. Herod tries to trick the 3 Kings into finding the child and then giving the location to him, so he can meet the trouble maker in person.   The 3 kings, who are warned by God in a dream, do not heed Herod’s request.

How do we dream these days?  Its tough to have star dreams that are about God’s love and justice for the world when we are bombarded with so many messages of hate and fear by our leaders.  The love made real in Jesus is God’s dream for us, and God longs that we hold and nurture a faith that takes this dream and lives it.

On Sunday, from the pulpit, I read a children’s book by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, entitled:  God’s Dream.  This book helps us adults remember the profound simplicity of God’s dream for the world.  Anglican Archbishop Tutu knows what its like to struggle to make  God’s love real in daily life.  He is native of  South Africa and lived through many of the tragic injustices of Apartheid.  For a long while, Tutu has worked for peace, equality, and justice in his native land.  Tutu received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984.

It’s so simple, this Epiphany gift of a  children’s book reminding us of God’s dream.  May we have the faith today to trust the dream and boldly live as if it is real.

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