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Men’s Group Reflection

Jeff Serfass shares a reflection on how the men of Luther Place will be sharing time together in the coming year, deepening the connection between spirituality and social justice.

At the early January Men’s Winter Retreat at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center, we planned much of the rest of the year. We will continue to meet each 2nd Saturday and you can put that on your calendar throughout the year. This year, the men decided to emphasize the biblical and spiritual teachings of social justice, welcoming the stranger, and hospitality to those needing to leave their homes for safety and security. We talked a lot about our Christian beliefs and how they so often seemed to vary from the the presidential campaigns, political positioning and isolationism rampant in some of the campaigns. We will more carefully schedule our two hours together to emphasize the devotional benefits of our discussions, ensuring that we don’t sacrifice our mutual interest in spiritual growth by taking too much time in our personal updates. If you have questioned the value of participating in the men’s breakfast, use one of the next 2nd Saturdays to explore with us our collective spirituality and Biblical underpinnings.

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