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Meet Faith Korbel

I am called to be a part of the Luther Place community because this place challenges me in all of the best ways.

I’m a lifelong ELCA Lutheran (Pastor’s Daughter, Lutheran Camp Counselor, Lutheran College Grad, Lutheran Volunteer Corps Volunteer) who tends on the shy side and doesn’t like change. Ideally, I could quietly attend church every Sunday, try to be a good person, and leave it at that but Luther Place constantly remind me that it’s just not that simple.

To so many in this world (and for so many valid reasons) Christianity represents judgement and hate and closing doors to keep others out. As a result, we have to work extra hard to show that we are called, through the Gospel, to accept and love and keep our doors open to anyone who needs to enter.

This means taking stands when it’s easier not to. It means speaking up when we would prefer to not draw attention to ourselves. It means showing up when we have too many other things going on.

It’s hard and I struggle (I struggle every stinking day) to get it anywhere close to right, but I know that I want to keep trying. As we work together, worship together, and learn together, I know that my Luther Place family will be there to guide (ok…push) me every step of the way. This community will never let me quit.

Fun Facts About Faith:

Joined Luther Place: 2001
Home Town: Attica, Indiana
Favorite Bible Verse: Micah 6:8 – what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?
How you share your time and talents at Luther Place: Church Council Secretary, Engagement Team, Stephen Ministry, NOVA Small group, Usher, Friends of the Feast, Communication Assistant
How you spend your spare time: training for triathlons, competing in triathlons, recovering from triathlons, and spending as much time as possible with my partner (Dave) and our cat (Mo)
Things that cheer me up: the jokes from Laffy Taffy wrappers and cat GIFs
Favorite places to take DC visitors: Gravelly Point to watch the airplanes land and take off
Favorite movie: it is a tie between “The Cutting Edge” and “Some Kind of Wonderful” – I am definitely a child of the late 80s/early 90s


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