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Lenten Devotional – March 27, 2019

By: Anne Miller

Readings: Numbers 13:17-27; Luke 13:18-21; Psalm 39

“What is the Kingdom of God like?…It is like yeast kneaded into dough, which works unseen until it has risen high and light.”

God calls us to live “rooted” in our faith and to encounter Jesus in all facets of our lives, from the ordinary moments to the mysterious journeys, to the mountain-top experiences and the painful ones. In our faith we must trust in God to guide and lead us on this journey, which can be especially challenging during difficult times. As Jesus taught in this scripture, the kingdom of God is like yeast. As a few granules of yeast are kneaded into dough, the yeast is pushed, pulled, folded and worked into the dough. The yeast is no longer seen, it is one with the dough. And then God’s gifts of chemical reactions transform the dough, until it has “risen high and light.” It becomes the bread of life!

When my Father was bedridden for over a year after a long, difficult illness, Pastor Karen encouraged me to look for grace in unexpected spaces of caregiving. During that grueling, exhausting stretch, I was often at a loss to see God’s grace. But God works in ways we don’t always expect. As we approach the third anniversary of my Dad’s passing this April, I can truly say that through the grieving, with time, reflection, and prayer, I have been blessed with finally being able to feel and remember many moments of grace in those final years and months caring for my Father. These memories of grace and thanksgiving have filled and lifted my soul. Yes, the Kingdom of God is “like yeast kneaded into dough, which works unseen until it has risen high and light.”

Dear Lord – As we walk in faith with you, may we not be overwhelmed by troubled times, but to trust and be open to transformation so we can rise “high and light” and share your love with others.

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