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Lenten Devotional – March 16, 2019

By: Collin Bradley

Readings: Psalm 118:26-29; Matthew 23:37-39; Psalm 27

My heart says of you, “Seek his face!” Your face, Lord, I will seek. (Psalm 27: 8). Sometimes, I don’t find this to be true of myself at all. Seeing the face of God seems like a terrifying thing at times. The Israelites believed that seeing God directly would either strike you dead (I imagine faces melting a la “Raiders of the Lost Ark,”) or, if you were worthy like Moses, transform you in such a way that would also be terrifying.

But then I remember what the angel told the shepherds of Bethlehem, and again what Jesus told his cowering disciples on the turbulent sea: “be not afraid.” Even though we are indeed, unworthy, we are still loved beyond all words or measures. God is our Mother Hen. No matter how many times we go running off chirping into trouble, she always welcomes us back under her wings to protect us from the winds and storms of our lives.

I doubt that we humans will ever fully understand how deep and profound the love of God is during our earthly lives. But, like the Psalmist, I will remain confident that we will see the goodness and love of our Lord in the land of the living, and I pray that God gives us the courage to always accept that love when we see it.


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