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Lenten Devotional – March 11, 2019

By: Olga Acosta Price

Readings: 1 Chronicles 21:1-17; 1 John 2:1-6; Psalm 17

The thread that connects these readings for me is that of the importance of recognizing the sinner in ourselves as well as our need to be grateful to God for his willingness to forgive us time and time again, regardless of our imperfections. The line in 1 John: “But if anybody does sin, we have an advocate with the Father—Jesus Christ, the Righteous One.” (1 John 2:1) is a reminder that Jesus yearns to be our closest friend and confidante, he wants to be with us as we face temptations and work to overcome our trials and tribulations. It is the unwavering support we get from God that make us resilient, “capable of being able to recover quickly from difficulties”. Jesus showed us how to be resilient, by trusting in God faithfully, demonstrated through his ultimate sacrifice so that we could find forgiveness and salvation. Although I strive to live as Jesus did, my pride, impatience, stubbornness, and self-righteousness make that aim impossible to achieve. Yet, it isn’t the denial of my sins that brings me closer to God, but the transparent acknowledgement of my sins, along with my remorse and desire to be better, that yields good fortune because, as David proclaims, “his mercy is very great”.

Dear Lord, please be a constant reminder to us that it is only with and through you that we have the sustained capacity to recover from the challenges that life presents. May we remain grateful for the generosity of your unconditional love as we admit our flaws and shortcomings, so that we can face each hurdle with the fortitude and strength necessary to prevail.

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