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Lenten Devotional – April 3, 2020

Job 13:13-19; Philippians 1:21-30; Psalm 31:9-16

Sam Shin, YAV 

For some, the season of Lent may be a nerve racking, stressful season filled with anxiety and doubt. And no, not because you denied yourself a cup of coffee for the first of an endless 46 days. For students, maybe it’s because you have to make a decision about what your next step will be for the upcoming summer or next semester. For others, maybe a big decision will be facing you in the coming days, or you have a major deadline before the spring season ends. 

Whatever may be facing you, you may feel “like broken pottery” or “consumed by anguish.” Jesus never said following him was easy. But let us not instantly retreat to our comforts and endure. For even though it may feel as though the world is crashing in on us, we are never alone, and never given something we cannot endure. Even if your Lenten season is not completely successful or perfect, it is okay. As long as in the end we say, with our actions and voice, that “You are my God” his “unfailing love” will not fail.

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