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Lenten Devotional – April 2, 2019

By: Mark Hindin

Readings: Leviticus 25:1-19; Revelation 19:9-10; Psalm 53

Leviticus is that boring book full of lists and harsh irrelevant rules; the place where my resolve to read through the entire Bible has often been becalmed; but right there in Chapter 25, is an astounding prescription for a resilient society. There God instructs that every seven years the land gets a rest; and every 50th year is a Jubilee. A reset button gets pushed. Slaves are freed, debts forgiven, and land reverts to the original owners. Entrenched wealth and privilege are erased; the effects of injustice eased. Alas, there is no clear evidence that the Israelites ever actually observed the Jubilee year and the prophets tell us that entrenched injustice was a (the?) major reason for God’s displeasure and the fall of the ancient Jewish Kingdoms.

Several thousand years later I can imagine what a modern Jubilee Year would look like and it scares me. I’m all for a Jubilee Year for the one percent, but resistant to seeing my own privilege, much less doing much about it. I know that doing something about it could be uncomfortable but necessary and exhilarating.

Trusting in Your love, help us to acknowledge privilege and injustice and empower us to do the work You’ve called us to do in healing our land and society.

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