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Lenten Devotion March 8

By: Kristen Kane
Readings: Psalm 53; Leviticus 25:1-19; Revelation 19:9-10

The scriptures for today speak of following a God who calls us to a year of Jubilee every 7th year—there are many wisdoms in this practice. The one that I want to highlight is returning to God what is God’s and restoring our relationships. This wisdom of needing to take pause from the ordinary mechanical way that we engage life to return to our true selves and right our relationships is also the gift of the Lenten season—an intentional season to engage in self-examination, repentance, prayer, fasting, sacrificial giving and works of love. This season helps us to pause and return to God, to return to ourselves and to see more clearly the ways we need God to restore our relationships with ourselves, our community, our institutions, and society. I want to encourage you that no matter how your Lenten journey has been so far today you can take pause and consider the Lenten purposes through the lens of our theme of courage.

Brene Brown, a researcher and practitioner of shame resiliency and wholehearted living, talks about courage through the Latin root “cor” which means heart. She says courage is to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. Lent is a time to remember that we are beloved by God and called to be love. Given all of what life throws at us and the ways in which we often feel so distant from that belovedness, I think it is important to have some practices centered on courage—to allow us to share ourselves with our whole heart. Brene Brown talks about five practices that support us in being courage.  I leave these practices for you to consider as part of your Lenten journey.


  1. Asking for what you need
  2. Speaking your truth
  3. Owning your story
  4. Setting Boundaries
  5. Reaching out for support

May Lent bring you close to the heart of God and may you feel how profoundly loved you are—all of you!

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