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Lenten Devotion March 2

By: Sarah Ewing
Readings: Psalm 39; Numbers 13:17-27; Luke 13:18-21

Everything happens for a reason. So often, in difficult situations, those words are offered for comfort. And so often they don’t ring true. When we’re in our darkest moments and can’t see reason, the idea that this will lead to something better is hard to believe. How could anything good lead from this pain? But when time has removed us from that moment, we can look back and see the threads that lead from it to other moments, big and small, that we cherish. In looking back we can see how God was working in our lives.

Sometimes the reason for pain is just that the world we live in is unjust and unfair. The courage comes in remembering that even in those times, God is with us. He is holding us up, even when we can’t feel it. And He is already working in ways that will lead us to brighter days, help us to change and grow, and make us more open to receiving the love He has for all of us. We only have to look for Him, and trust that with Him, even the darkest days can lead to the light.

Father, thank you for always holding and loving us, even when we forget to look for you. Help us to know that we are never alone, and that in our darkest moments and most painful days we can turn to you. Lord, help us to look forward, to the days we can again see the light, and celebrate with this community, in worship of you. Amen.

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