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Lenten Devotion February 22

By: Candace Lilyquist
Readings: Psalm 105:1-15 42; Exodus 33:1-6; Romans 4:1-12

I was once told you could tell how insecure a woman was by the amount of jewelry she wore. (This should be for men too, right?) Those who are in need of protection from the world, cover themselves with a shield of jewels. While this is refutable on many accounts, it made me think of the children of Israel as the Lord is telling them to take off their ornaments. The Lord says, “You have become stiff-necked people. If I went up among you for one moment, I might destroy you. Now therefore, take off your ornaments, so that I may know what I will do to you.”

We are called to act in courage as Christians. In order to find our courage, we must understand our fear. Fear is false expectations appearing real. We can peel away the layers of ornamentation as we understand with greater clarity what is false that appears real before us. Then, we can lay these fears in God’s hands and move forward. We can proceed with the courage we have from knowing who we are and to whom we belong.

Dear Heavenly Father, help us to know that you are there to carry us forward with real courage and not a colorful cloaking of this world’s decorations. You know our fears, you hear our fears in prayer, and you help us to dispel these false expectations that appear real, but are dispelled by the power of your strength and grace. Amen.

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