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Lenten Devotion February 17

By: Dan Manchester
Readings: Psalm 17; Job 1:1-22; Luke 21:34

In seeking forgiveness for the sins of his children, Job held himself accountable for others’ actions. The prospect of doing so may worry us: if we are willing to answer for others, won’t we have to give of ourselves to compensate for their misdeeds?

The simple answer is “yes.” But Luke 21:34 encourages us: “Be on guard so that your hearts are not weighed down with… the worries of this life.”

And only through such accountability can needed healing occur in this world. If we take ownership of our forebears’ acts of segregation and deprivation, it will lead us to address their impact on the underprivileged of today. If we recognize the destruction caused by our nation’s over-consumption, we will be ready to restore the environment.

And so, we offer a prayer:

Dear Lord, help us to be like Job:
Willing to see the wrong that has been done in our midst
And having the courage to redress it.
Let us not get caught up in refusal or denial;
Put us instead on a path
Of making things right in Your world.
In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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