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Lent 2018: On Pilgrimage

Using the title of a book written by Dorothy Day, that follows her journal entries during the year 1948, we as a congregation will also contemplate being On Pilgrimage.

A pilgrimage refers to a religious journey or a religious expedition that is usually made to a sacred place.

Dorothy Day’s sacred place was her home, her family, her faith practices along with people she met throughout the year. Her companions were flesh and blood as well as a cadre of saints like St. Francis and St. Teresa of Avila.

We invite you to be on pilgrimage this LENT over the next 40 days. Consider taking on the practices of curiosity, wonder and expectation, and perhaps keeping a journal. Note where you meet God or experience God’s grace, on the daily. Also, consider taking time to notice the things that are getting in the way of your receiving God during Lent. What are the challenges that you face, whether they are as an individual, as part of our congregation or part of our public life in the DC Metro area? And, where are you bearing witness to God in a violent and suffering world?

In our Sunday worships and on Wednesday evening gatherings, we will dig into together on what On Pilgrimage means for us in 2018.

In an entry on March 8, 1948, Dorothy writes from her daughter Tamar’s home in West Virginia, where Dorothy is helping with her grandchildren, including an infant grandson:

Meditations for women, these notes should be called, jumping as I do from the profane to the sacred over and over. But then, living the country, with little children, with growing things, one has the sacramental view of life. All things are God’s, and all are holy. (p. 110)

May we discover in 2018, in the metro DC area, during a difficult time in public life, that there is holy all around us. May we, even in our rush, pause to gaze at graces that God longs to give us while on pilgrimage – including the courage to bear witness to the beloved community in 2018.

in Christ,
Pastor Karen Brau

During Lent, please consider praying and practicing with the following resources:

  • On Pilgrimage, by Dorothy Day. 10 copies are available for sale at the church.
  • Pray as you go – An online resource or app created by the Jesuit Media Initiatives.
  • Reimagining Examen – In book form or an app that offers a unique prayer experience that is based on St. Ignatius’ 500-year-old prayer that has you review your day.
  • Set Free by Truth – A new devotion created by Lutheran and Episcopalians. The devotion theme addresses truth and racial justice, reflecting on the challenges facing churches in North America today.
  • Lent Wednesday Soup Supper – We invite you to share soup and worship on Wednesdays during Lent. 6:15 pm soup supper in the All Saints Room, followed by worship and holy communion at 7 pm in the Chapel.  Invite 10 people (either inside the congregation or guests) and bring a least 2 individuals to the meal, facilitate the simple clean up, and transition into worship.  Volunteers contact Pastor Karen Brau.

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