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Lent 16: Thankfulness & Trust

by Maddy Boyle
Readings: Psalm 95, Exodus 16:27-35, John 4:1-6

These readings dictate a theme of thankfulness for God’s love and all that he has done for our sake, but I also felt that they were articulating a deep level of trust that we have (or should have) with God. In Psalm 95, there are certain phrases like “the Lord is a Great God… in his hands are the depths of the earth” and “we are the people of his pasture and the sheep of his land” that exemplify this trust motif; a trust that God supports the weight of the world and that we trust him to guide us through troubles like sheep to a shepherd. Once again, this trust shows up in Exodus 16 when God tells Moses to trust Him and follow his commandments, and in doing so the Israelites will not be hungry. The readings illustrate the idea that once you are able to trust people and allow people to carry some of your baggage and suffering, that you have a different sense of the world and a light feeling that enables you to go forth and help other people to find trust.

Gracious God, thank you for your gift of love and your everlasting trust. Help us to acknowledge your presence and trust within us, and to seek out others who need to find trust and support. Amen.

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