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Lent 12: Alarm-Clock Lesson

Samantha Marquart
Readings: Psalm 128, Isaiah 65:17-25, Romans 4:6-13

Sometimes on Sunday mornings, I hit snooze on my alarm four or five times before I get out of bed. I wake up fairly early during the week, and those weekend days are my ‘catch-up’ days. I’ll try to figure out how much time I actually need to get myself ready to get up and get to church. Then, I’ll begrudgingly get myself out of bed – get ready – and head out to church. Each time I enter the sanctuary, I’m reminded that I love taking time out of my week to thank God for everything in my life…. but I sometimes think of my friends who are still in bed – snoozing away their morning.

Romans 4:6-13 reminded me that it doesn’t matter that my friends are sleeping on Sunday mornings – or that they might not even believe in God. God loves everyone – those who outwardly show their faith and those who do not. Our community coming together on Sunday morning helps to unite us with the whole Church – with those who believe. It’s through this community of faith that we show we have been saved by God’s righteousness.

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