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Early Posada-Calling for Immigration Reform

By Pastor Karen Brau

Immigration reform is one of the areas of legislation that has to be addressed in our nation, and there are many ways that our political process is stuck.

I grew up in a family that was keen on driving cars with standard transmissions.  I observed early on in my learning to drive that it was tough for me to figure out how to use my feet on 2 pedals in order to get from neutral into gear without stalling!  It took lots of practice and the deep intention of passing a driving test to obtain a license.

I felt like I got myself out of neutral on understanding the urgency of immigration reform by accepting an invitation to join some of the parents from Thomson Elementary School to visit the Fast 4 Families on the the National Mall last week.  I was humbled to see people putting themselves on the line for legislative action now.

I was moved again by how God calls us over and over to move into places of struggle and how when we do, we find that there is deep unity and love, even in the tears of frustration.

After praying with a group in the Fast 4 Families Tent, we gathered to make a short march to the Capital and to try and get time with Speaker Boehner.  While we waited, we prayed.

I offer this poem to Fast 4 Families and all families who suffer because we are stuck in neutral on immigration issues.

Early Posada

The walk was short
downhill to a long tent
where people are  offering
their bodies for a fast
incarnated love and justice
still requires sacrifice.

Many gather in procession
to the halls of power
I am invited to pray
before we embark
my English translated to connect
our multicultural passions
moving thru easy checkpoints
we assemble inside
one by one
along the walls
our line-up
reverently pleads for justice

a boy speaks
he tells of his parents
their immigration dilemmas
declaring his own leadership
he calls upon his little brother
to speak on behalf of family
the boys smile
while their mother weeps
back against the wall.

The boys knock on the Speaker’s door,
trying to get the attention
of one who decides
how much room there is
in America.

Like a Posada
where Jesus’ parents
travel from place to place
seeking entrance and shelter,
the Speaker’s office turns them away.

So we turn to what some call
Plan B
Yet we really know
its always Plan A
we pray
this time the Rosary

My confession is that I am Lutheran
and I do not speak Spanish
yet I love Jesus
and I love who Jesus loves-
The line-up
outside Boehner’s office
prays and prays and prays
the mysteries of Mary
She moves among us
some words stick
Santa María, Madre de Dios,
ruega por nosotros, pecadores,
ahora y en la hora de nuestra muerte.

Forgive us Jesus, our communal sin
of separating families,
causing boys to become men too fast,
and turning people away
at door after door where signs flash:
No Room Here
the Posada continues,
the angels sing out
Gloria, Gloria, in Excelesis deo,
wondering will there be  room
by Christmas?

Nov 26, 2013

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