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by Pastor Karen Brau

Last Sunday, I preached about how we prepare to live a faith infused with hope, and I began with a story for my father about “double-digging,’ agarden.  Here is a simple You tube video about double- digging, please note the way this type of soil preparation isdesigned to offer plants a vibrant life! 

And here is a picture of the new art installation in the sanctuary.  We used this cage during the summer to draw attention to the trauma inflicted on immigrants at the border.  During those months, we filled the cage with fresh flowers, to recognize the reality that children at the border where forcibly separated from their parents and put in cages.  Michel Sonnenburg transposed this installation for Advent.  He writes, “As the cold moved in, having fresh flowers was not going to be an option so I started thinking of a new display.  As we prepare for the birth of Christ, it dawned on me that if the Holy Family and those who visited the Holy Family were to arrive at our southern border, they would most likely be detained and separated from the child as our country is currently doing.  I believe that if Jesus were to appear today, most likely he would go unrecognized because of his skin color.”

We have hope in a God who incarnates love among us in places that are on the margins of the world.  May we turn ourselves this Advent, to receive this gift.

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