Style Guide


  • Overview: All fonts, colors, justifications, layouts, and images should represent the natural, simplistic, real way we want to communicate Jesus to our audience and simple layouts to create a sense of openness.


  • See Brand Color Legend below
  • Fonts – All church-wide, static communication should use the following fonts:
    • “Roboto Condensed Regular” should be used as a default.
    • “Roboto Condensed Bold” can be used for certain titles
    • “Times New Roman” may be used when large amounts of text is needed
  • General avoidances for all non-static communications: serif fonts for titles, rounded style fonts such as Comic Sans, unusual and over-used fonts such as Papyrus, any fonts that could potential distract the audience from the desired message. “Italicized” should only be used when grammatically necessary (i.e. referring to a book title).
  • All caps should only be used in titles or short sentences.
  • All lower-case should be the default for all static communication to match the look and feel of the logo.
  • Default body text size for printed (non-outdoor) communication should be 10pt.
  • All static church-wide communications should match the style.
  • All adult ministries should also adhere to the style guide, but with more freedom depending on the marketing material.
  • Children and Youth ministries should loosely follow the style guide, but with great freedom to customize based on the need or if the audience is the parent then the style guide should be followed more strictly. If the audience is the child then the style guide can be followed more loosely.
  • Sermon series should loosely follow the style guide, but with freedom to customize based on the vision of the sermon.

Logos, Brand Colors, Templates, and Electronic Invitations

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Full color, white background 2304 x 2304

Full color, transparent background 1152 x 1152

Colored flower, white text*,
transparent background (small) 1152 x 1152
(*the church steeple and “Luther Place” text are white)

Full color, transparent background 1152 x 1152

Brand color legend

Font Family

Animated Invitations

Microsoft Office Templates

Other Forms

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As of September 10, 2018