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ArtSmart Summer Camp Week 2!

By: Abigail Alpern Fisch, Steinbruck Center Intern

Week Two of ArtSmart Summer Camp was an exploration of friendship. Art projects this week were focused on communication, collaboration, and the gestures of kindness shared between friends.

All age groups made beautiful artwork to reflect and explore the concept of friendship. The younger kids made a ‘Helping Hands Pastel’ where each student traced his or her hand onto a piece of paper and the paper of his or her neighbors. The older kids traced silhouettes of themselves and their friend before using watercolor to illustrate waves of communication between the two figures. Campers were also asked to think and write down on their art piece positive adjectives to describe friendship and what it means to be a good friend. Last but not least, the middle schoolers continued their self portraits filled with text describing themselves and identity.

While Thursday’s community walk was originally scheduled to be a trip to The National Zoo, the rainy weather didn’t stop us from having a fun day.  Instead, we spent the day making crafts and watching movies! Campers played organized games, colored, and then learned how to make slime. After lunch we enjoyed popcorn before choosing a movie to watch.

After two great weeks of camp, we are looking forward to our remaining time together with this year’s campers before SoulFiesta!

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