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Advent Devotional – December 2, 2019

By: Justin Fitch

Readings: Genesis 8:1-19; Romans 6:1-11; Psalm 124

“But God remembered Noah” is a phrase cherished by many. I wonder, though, how often we consider the whole story of the Flood. While scholars argue (as they do) about the length of days Noah and his family remained in the ark, almost all of them say it was more than 300 days. Toward the end of Noah’s time on the ark, we’re told he sent out a dove, who returned because there was no dry land on which to land. Imagine Noah’s disappointment. While he was certainly thankful for the protection of the ark, he undoubtedly was ready to disembark! But it wasn’t time yet. He sent out the dove a second time. Again, the dove returned. The most difficult kind of waiting is when there is no set limit. I think specifically about a couple of times in my life when I had the opportunity to really change my path, and I ended up declining the offers. Sure it would have been really nice to get out of the metaphorically confined space that I felt I was living in, but it wasn’t the right time. I longed to be where I am today, and it took a while for the dove to find dry ground, but the third time it was sent out, it didn’t come back. I’m thankful that God was with me in all of it and gave me a sign when it was my time. 

Sustainer, during this season of Advent, as we consider the longings in our hearts, remind us that you are always with us, and that what we hear to be a “no” is sometimes just a “not yet.” 

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