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Advent Devotional – December 16, 2019

By: Mary Virgina Abe 

Readings: Isaiah 29:17-24, Acts 5:12-16, Psalm 42 

The Old Testament tells us about God’s people looking forward to a time of great rejoicing when God Himself would make all things right. God would take away leprosy, take away hunger, take away poverty, take away all evil AND everyone would be healed physically of whatever disease that person had. 

In the New Testament book of Acts, we find a partial fulfillment of God’s promise. People are being healed of whatever physical diseases they had. There was great rejoicing because of this but as Peter later told in his sermon, this is just a foretaste of what God will be doing. In Psalms we find the author longing for God and the author wants God now, not later. I think all three sections of Scripture tells us that we want, no, we actually LONG for the day when God will destroy all disease. 


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