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Advent Devotional – December 11, 2019

By: Kirk Sanders

Readings: Genesis 15:1-18, Matthew 12:33-37, Psalm 21 

Looking up into the sky, I could imagine Abraham thinking, “God, I don’t have one child, how am I to have descendants that number the stars?” When I look up at the stars, seeing the brush of the Milky Way Galaxy across the sky, I am in amazement of creation. These two passages aren’t about the amazement of creation, but the promises and words we utter and the promises to trust God. In Genesis, God is making a promise to Abraham that seems impossible and yet Abraham trusts in the Lord. Then in Matthew we are reminded of the promises and actions we have put in the world. To me, Genesis is the foundation that shows we need to trust in God while Matthew is directing us to look inward, to taste the fruit that we are cultivating. As we prepare for the birth of Christ we are reminded that God’s promise is there with Abraham, we just need to look up at night to be reminded. Just as we need to make sure our foundation, or roots, are strong, we are reminded that the fruit that is fed through the roots which also needs to be tended. 

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