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Advent Day 3-faith, deliverance, hope

Tuesday, December 3
Cathi Jones
Readings: Psalm 124, Genesis 9:1-17, Hebrews 11:32-40

The passages for today speak about faith, deliverance and hope. Deliverance from enemies, from raging waters, from fire, from persecution. First, Psalm 124 expresses the thanks of the people of God for the Lord’s being “on our side,” in battle but also describes the grim alternative that might have come about if God had not rendered His people the victory. The implication seems to be that although they expected that they would win the day, the outcome was not at all sure in the midst of battle.

In the Genesis passage, Noah and his family, continuing to trust in God, were finally able to stand on dry ground after being delivered through the midst of raging waters that destroyed all living beings on the earth, except for those creatures kept safe with them on a vessel that would be dwarfed by today’s average cruise ship. After blessing the survivors, God promised that destruction of that magnitude would never again be visited on the earth.

The Hebrews 11 scripture is the culmination of a recitation of a “Hall of Fame” of God’s Old Testament faithful who continued to trust God’s promises in the face of adversity—even though they would never see their ultimate fulfillment in the Promised One.

We also wait. And sometimes it’s exceedingly difficult to continue to trust God in the midst of the raging waters–battling illness, overcoming addiction, grieving the loss of a loved one, or struggling with job loss.  But even if we waver, God is present with us, and God’s promises are sure.

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