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Advent 4-Making Room

Wednesday, December 4
Kathryn Perry
Readings: Psalm 124, Isaiah 54:1-10, Matthew 24:23-35

Be careful, you will probably be the only bible someone reads today . . .

The greatest gift I received from Luther Place was the season of Advent. This time of quiet, joyful, prayerful, expectation was not part of my religious life prior to coming back to church following becoming homeless. In this season we prepare room for Jesus in our lives. At no time are we ever separated from God. Nevertheless, our lives are filled with the demands of family, earning a living, and all of the other seemingly perpetual distractions that make it difficult to connect with God.

Advent gives us the space and time in which to remember that upheavals such as being evicted from your home and forced to go to another town in which you end up sleeping in a public place are still all too common. Park benches, emergency shelters, or stables, the nature of these locations is not important. Advent urges us to re-commit to making room for all of God’s children. Room in our hearts, room in our lives, room through our actions.

Dear God, help us to be your hands and heart for everyone we meet; starting with the image we see in the mirror each morning. Amen.

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