Luther Place understands that our building is a great asset for the community. The congregation is dedicated to being responsible with its resources and supporting other organizations for the purpose of God’s work in the world. Our hope is to provide space for groups who are in alignment with our vision.

In order to reserve space, please fill out the Space Use Request Form. Room assignments are made by the Director of Operations who is the contact person for the church. A contact person for the group requesting use of space must be designated who will also be in attendance at the function. Fees cover the cost of maintenance, janitorial service, and utilities.

The fees listed below are for a 3-hour block of time, and are also charged when time used is shorter than 3 hours. For additional time, hours and rates are adjustable based on availability. The purpose of a fee is to cover our costs of maintenance, janitorial services and supplies, and utilities.  Fees may be reduced or waived entirely at the discretion of the Director of Operations, and are waived for members of Luther Place, except for use of the Sanctuary.


Sanctuary $675
Fellowship Hall $200
Chapel $200
All Saints’ Room $200
Library $175
Music Room $175
Other TBD
*Utility fee $100

Please turn off heat or AC after use. The penalty fee is $100. This applies to all rooms indicated except for the Sanctuary where users do not have access to temperature controls. For weddings, community meetings, or other space use, email Director of Operations Deborah Shepard or call 202-667-1377 x 205.

You are welcome to come and look at the space. Please schedule a time with Director of Operations Deborah Shepard. Photos and specifications are in progress.