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  • Lenten Devotion February 16

    by LP Community Member | February 16, 2016

    By: Kathryn Perry Readings: Psalm 17; Zechariah 3:1-10; 2 Peter 2:4-21 Courage: from the Latin (Cor) by way of French (Cour) Courage cannot exist without fear. Bravery, valour have no merit if we are not afraid. Courage is made manifest when we are terrified but still find the strength to do what it is right. To... read more >

  • Lenten Devotion February 15

    by LP Community Member |

    By: Lolly Stuart Readings: Psalm 17; 1 Chronicles 21:1-17; 1 John 2:1-6 In the scripture readings today we hear about the love of God for his people, and His desire for our obedience in following his commandments. The message is the attainment of fellowship, oneness with Christ and other believers, in the face of Satan, sin,... read more >

  • Lent: A Season of Courage

    by Pastor Karen Brau |

    Pastor Karen Brau sets the tone for the Luther Place community during Lent, with a prayer for courage. It takes courage to examine ourselves To search our souls To face our broken-ness To reflect on our habits and automated responses to life To explore places we might not want to go The wonder of this... read more >

  • Blizzard 2016

    by LP Community Member | February 2, 2016

    Last week, the church office received the below message and image from Father Kenneth Allen, a guest at the Washington Plaza Hotel over the weekend. He had captured Luther Place in the midst of the blizzard. Hello, I’m staying in the hotel across the street from your church during this weekend, and thought you’d appreciate... read more >

  • Litany of Unity & Hope

    by LP Community Member | February 1, 2016

    This litany of interfaith understanding is written by Karen Senecal, for a New York City Christian congregation after September 11. Her writing, drawing from the Prophet Muhammad, encourages peace and unity between faiths. May we remember that words matter, and may we support our Muslim brothers and sisters.  One: “What actions ... read more >

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