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  • Sanctuary

    by Steinbruck Center Hostel | February 9, 2017

    By: Bianca Vazquez, Director of the Steinbruck Center Hostel at Luther Place Sanctuary can mean many different things — all rooted in creating safe and livable communities. While undocumented immigrants are the primary targets, we know that African-Americans, Muslims, and others may need sanctuary as well. These congregations, ... read more >

  • The Story of N Street Village

    by LP Community Member | October 3, 2016

    By: Gary Maring, NSV Board and Luther Place founding member of NSV In the years after the fiery devastation along 14th street following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King in April 1968, Luther Place began to consider its property and location as an opportunity to help minister to the wounded of the city. It... read more >

  • Steinbruck Center “Reaches In” to the Congregation

    by LP Community Member | April 14, 2016

    By: Dick Rortvedt Since Luther Place founded the Steinbruck Center in 2001, (initially N Street Village was a partner, but subsequently it has been a ministry of Luther Place Church) it has been largely known for its outreach, primarily to college and high school groups from around the country. These groups stay in our 28-bed... read more >

  • Men’s Group Reflection

    by LP Community Member | January 26, 2016

    Jeff Serfass shares a reflection on how the men of Luther Place will be sharing time together in the coming year, deepening the connection between spirituality and social justice. At the early January Men’s Winter Retreat at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center, we planned much of the rest of the year. We will continue to meet... read more >

  • Budget Narrative 2016

    by LP Community Member | January 20, 2016

    Aspirational and Pragmatic:  Luther Place Budget 2016 In 2012 the Congregation approved a five-year vision plan to re-energize our institution in order to spread the Gospel in our community.  With an eye towards growing our membership, Council and staff have taken steps since then to implement the various parts of the vision plan.  ... read more >

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