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  • ArtSmart Summer Camp Week 4!

    by Aria Christenson | July 24, 2017

    By: Abigail Alpern Fisch, Steinbruck Center Intern Our last week of summer camp was full of energy despite the high temperatures that the city of D.C. reached. Noticing the environment of our city was key to the theme of our last week: exploring our city. Campers created many new projects to illustrate the experience of living in... ... read more >

  • ArtSmart Summer Camp Week 3!

    by Aria Christenson |

    By: Avi Mediratta, Steinbruck Center Intern Week three of camp was another great week in the books! Week three of ArtSmart Summer Camp explored the theme community and what it means to be a member of a community. The campers’ art projects reflected this theme. In addition, the younger campers went to the Smithsonian to see... read more >

  • ArtSmart Summer Camp Week 2!

    by Aria Christenson | July 13, 2017

    By: Abigail Alpern Fisch, Steinbruck Center Intern Week Two of ArtSmart Summer Camp was an exploration of friendship. Art projects this week were focused on communication, collaboration, and the gestures of kindness shared between friends. All age groups made beautiful artwork to reflect and explore the concept of friendship. The ... read more >

  • ArtSmart Summer Camp Week 1!

    by Aria Christenson | July 3, 2017

    By: Maggie Lewis, Steinbruck Center Intern This past week was the first week of ArtSmart Summer Camp! 40 kindergarten through 5th graders and 10 middle schoolers from the Logan Circle community, joined Luther Place for some summertime fun, along with arts and creativity education. The younger kids participated in various art ... read more >

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