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ArtSmart Summer Camp Week 3!

  • By | July 24, 2017 | Posted in: ArtSmart Summer Camp, Community Care, Luther Place Vision,

    By: Avi Mediratta, Steinbruck Center Intern

    Week three of camp was another great week in the books! Week three of ArtSmart Summer Camp explored the theme community and what it means to be a member of a community. The campers’ art projects reflected this theme. In addition, the younger campers went to the Smithsonian to see Max Bent do a beatbox performance, reminding everyone to think outside the box, and that sometimes you can create art with your own body. They then enjoyed lunch on the National Mall with a view of the Capitol Building. Later in the week, the younger campers went to the Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center. In the afternoon, they made rice krispy treats together. Lastly, the middle schoolers had the opportunity to tour UDC and learn about the steps they should take in order to be prepared for the challenges of college. Overall, week three allowed our campers to explore and learn more about their community of Washington, D.C. while continuing a focus on art and creativity.


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