Luther Place Memorial Church

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Our Vision

Visioning Process

We believe that we are sent into the world to make a difference because of our faith.  God is at loose in the world and has a dream of a world that is reconciled and whole.  God calls us to be about our part of Gods’ mission, which is our purpose as a congregation.  As we live out our purpose over time, we find that we are living out the vision God has for our congregation.

Beginning in 2009, we engaged in a discernment process around God’s purpose and vision for Luther Place. This process included prayer, Bible study, eating together, and listening to God and each other. From this Spirit-filled process we generated the following Purpose, Guiding Principles, and Vision!

Our Purpose

God’s purpose for our congregation is to grow a Christ-centered inclusive community, led by the Spirit, that proclaims the Gospel’s transforming love and grace and challenges injustice.

Our Guiding Principles

  • All of God’s creation is sacred.
  • We listen to the Holy Spirit through worship, Scripture, and prayerful reflection.
  • We seek continuous transformation to become radically hospitable.
  • We invite all into the journey with Christ through reconciliation with each other and God.
  • We respond to injustice through loving service and courageous action.
  • We walk together in our celebrations and our struggles.

Our Vision

In 2017, Luther Place will be a community that looks and feels like God’s kingdom in its beautiful expansiveness, where all are called into relationship with Jesus Christ and one another.  In this place we will use our gifts to act in the world and build the beloved community.

  • Worship attracts and gathers a range of people with various services and styles, engaging the community in a depth of traditional practices and creative endeavors.
  • Spiritual Growth is how we are formed as disciples of Jesus Christ, embracing scripture and all opportunities to engage the divine, and nurturing us to contemplate, study, and question our faith.
  • Justice is a public witness to our faith; we will continue our history of openness to what arrives, standing in solidarity and acting with people who are struggling, in our community, country, and world.
  • Hospitality is how we – each of us – extend God’s kingdom to a dynamic and diverse city, growing our community and engaging all of God’s children, from the powerless to the powerful.
  • Community Care is how we sustain a vibrant community, our intentional practice of supporting and nurturing one another in all stages of life, in celebration and sorrow.

2016 Annual Report

  • Hospitality
  • Worship
  • Justice
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Community Care