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What We Believe

We believe…

That God’s love is forever and is made real in Jesus Christ, who lived, died on the cross for us, and who rose on Easter. Through Christ, God gives us the gifts of forgiveness and grace – loving us in ways that meet us in our brokenness and our celebrations. The risen Christ is among us now in the world, and God’s power moves throughout the world and in our lives through the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit works within us to transform us to become disciples of Jesus Christ. Disciples are called into the world, transforming it to reflect better God’s dream of love and justice for the whole world.

The Word of God comes to us in the Holy Scriptures, stories that teach and challenge us to understand how God has worked in the human family. We Lutherans take this word to be a living word, coming alive among us now, reflecting in an ongoing way our expanding understanding of the world. We seek ways to make connections between scriptures and our present day context, finding intersections between God’s story and our story. We tell the stories of the Bible, we argue with stories of the Bible, we look in new ways at stories of the Bible, all while loving the Bible.

God’s forgiveness and grace are particularly made real in the sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion. In Baptism, the water and the word make us children of God and mark us as God’s own for discipleship and for engaging in the world on behalf of God’s love. In Holy Communion, it is Christ who sets the table, so all are invited to take of the body and blood of Jesus. We are forgiven and fed in a meal that unites us with all those gathered on Sunday; but also, in its mystery, it links us with saints of every time and place. We also know that God comes to us in community – the times where two or three are gathered for prayer, reflection, mutual support, and care. Community is rooted in the notion of Biblical Hospitality: all are welcomed by God, and in turn we are called to welcome others, particularly those who have been shut out or ignored by the church.

We believe that we are sent into the world to make a difference because of our faith. God is at loose in the world and has a dream of a world that is reconciled and whole. God calls us to be about our part of Gods’ mission, which is our purpose as a congregation. As we live out our purpose over time, we find that we are living out the vision God has for our congregation.

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