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Creating the Luther Place Story

  • By | April 19, 2017 | Posted in: Luther Place Vision,

    Faith Korbel reflects on the conversations and potential changes happening around the N Street Village Night Shelter.

    My first experience with Luther Place was my Lutheran Volunteer Corps orientation in 2001.

    I wasn’t staying in DC (my volunteer year was in Tacoma, Washington), but the 4 days we spent “being orientated” in DC made an impression.

    Actually, Luther Place made an impression.

    It was an urban church with a spirit of social justice (it even had a women’s shelter in the building) and it was unlike any Lutheran churches I had experienced up to that point. When I decided to do a second volunteer year, I wanted to come back to DC and hoped to be a part of that incredible story.

    Now it’s 2017 and I still take great pride in Luther Place and its history. I love the story of our amazing elders (the Steinbrucks, the Solems, the McDaniels, and so many others) who had a vision, inspired each other, bought property, made deals, and spent so much time and energy (and so much of themselves) creating N Street Village – really putting their faith into action. One look at the beautiful buildings across the street and the thriving nonprofit that N Street has become speaks volumes of the love and dedication and sacrifice that our elders put forth.

    So, how are we in 2017 actively continuing this Luther Place story?

    How are we using our time, energy, and selves to put our faith in action?

    Yes, we can say that we house a shelter in these walls, but are we actively contributing to the ministry that shelter is providing?

    I have heard several people refer to N Street Village as a child of Luther Place –  a child that has grown up, is thriving, and is ready to move out on its own.

    With incredibly capable leaders and resources, N Street Village can handle this change better than it could have handled it in the past, and we can take comfort in knowing that the women of the shelter will be cared for in the potential move.

    Perhaps now is the time to, with great thanks for everything our elders created, let go of this ministry and put our own vision into action to create something new.

    The question is: Are we ready to make the move from telling the Luther Place story to actually creating a new chapter?


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